Credit Optimization

 With the basecamp in San Diego, California, Overland Funding helps small business owners supercharge their credit profiles and reach their funding goals

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Merchant Cash Advance

If you primary focus is a quick cash infusion, a Merchant Cash Advance is a Same Day Funding option for your business that can give it an immediate approval of up to $250K

Jumpstart your business

Equipment Finance

An Equipment Finance option can give you access up to $250K with an application only, or up to $500K with financials, and choose from loan or lease options to  upgrade equipment & technology to better serve your customers

Jumpstart your business

Real Estate Investors

Overland Funding has a well diversified array of loan products catered to our mortgage lending clients. Our professionals combine the latest technology, resources and market intelligence with their experience, expertise and commitment to superior service to optimize results that produce the most competitive rates in the industry

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 As a financial services company we use proven strategies designed to help meet your goals and take your company to the next level. Our personal and business lines of credit offer seamless access to lines of credit from $5,000 to $500,000 and can be a great way to season your credit profile

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Corporate Funding

When your business needs a boost of working capital, you want to find a business loan that fits into your business. At Overland Funding, we have a large portfolio of commercial finance products to give you options above and beyond a traditional loan

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No upfront cost. 15% to 20% Procurement Fee on the back-end. If your credit meets the Credit Requirements, you can go into our Personal Funding Program. This Program is designed to get you Approved for Personal Unsecured Credit Cards and Unsecured Personal Loans. 

$50K to $500K in Total Personal Unsecured Credit Card and Personal Loan Approvals is realistic to obtain within 3 to 5 Weeks.

Need more than $500K? Purchase a Credit-Ready Aged Corp and go into our  Corporate Funding Program as wel


 250K to $750K in Total Unsecured Corporate Credit and InstallmentApprovals is realistic to obtain within 3 to 5 Weeks. below and you already have a Business that is over 3 Years Old, or if you purchase a 3+ Year Old Credit-Ready Aged Corp, you can go into our Corporate Funding Program.

250K to $750K in Total Unsecured Corporate Credit Approvals is realistic to obtain within 3 to 5 Weeks.

Need more than $750K? Go into our Personal Funding Program as well.


Are you an ethical and customer-oriented professional looking to provide Unsecured Funding to your clients? If that is the case, then you may qualify to become a Registered Broker and gain access to great commissions and exclusive broker benefits not available anywhere else in the industry. We are looking for long-term, win-win, strategic partnerships and would be excited to supercharge your clients credit and get them the funding they deserve.